Partner with us

We seek to work with different schools, companies, trusts, NGOs, and foundations to create a lasting impact and support women and youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo to take their first steps out of poverty. Only a collective effort can achieve this astounding goal. 

Corporate Partnerships

CODI looks to develop mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners that combine a strong social mission with a clear business focus. We do this by developing partnerships that:

  • Contribute to your business and sustainability goals, while having a significant impact on our charitable mission
  • Inspire and engage your staff in activities and events they will find fun, appealing, and rewarding
  • Motivate your employees through meaningful information about our work and the impact of our partnership
  • Increase understanding of cultural and social issues in the DRC.

Please reach out for more info at: 

or Call us +1 (585) 465 6273 

Trusts, Foundations, and Institutions

Grants and donations from trusts, foundations, and institutions are vital to the work we do.

CODI welcomes support from a wide range of organizations varying from small family trusts to larger corporate charitable foundations. Funders who would like to be long-standing loyal donors so their on-going support continue to have a substantial impact on the poorest communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo are appreciated.

If your trust or foundation is interested in supporting Congo Dynamique Initiative we can inform you about the various life-changing projects in need of funding.

To get in touch with the Congo Dynamique Initiative Trusts & Foundations Fundraising Team, please contact: Bienfait H. Mugenza

+1 (585) 465 6273 or email

Philanthropic contributions 

Generous contributions from individuals allow us to make a step-change in the scale of our work. They often help us to create something completely new that will have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of the people we work with.

We want our supporters to build a meaningful connection with our work and so it is important that your gift is tailored to suit you. We will discuss every aspect of this with you in order to achieve an outcome that benefits us both. We welcome personal visits from major donors to our operations in Africa and encourage their active participation in our work.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can make a significant gift towards our work then please contact: Bienfait H. Mugenza

 +1 (585) 465 6273 or email