Women For Development


With its wealth of fertile soil, massive hydroelectric power potential, and enormous mineral resources, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) struggles with many socio-economic problems, including high infant and maternal mortality rates, malnutrition, weak vaccination coverage, lack of access to improved water sources and sanitation, and frequent and early fertility. 

Current Situation

Ongoing conflict, mismanagement of resources, and a lack of investment have resulted in extreme poverty and food insecurity. Nearly 30 percent of children under the age of 5 are malnourished. The overall coverage of essential public services - education, health, sanitation, and potable water - is substantially limited and piecemeal, with substantial regional and rural/urban disparities. These conditions discourage foreign entrepreneurs and divert investments to exacerbate unemployment and poverty, thereby creating a long chain of challenges. 

Bottom-up Solution

The government alone will never solve this complex problem. Consequently, we created the Congo Dynamique initiative to be part of the solution. In attempting to alleviate the aforementioned, our Microfinance initiative uses an entrepreneurship-centered approach to put women and girls at the heart of a bottom-up solution to break the sequence of challenges that continuously victimize them and their children. We not only promote women's economic independence and participation in decision-making processes, but we also support them in leading critical policy dialogues on gender equality, decent work, and social protection, especially for rural women and girls. 


By helping women improve themselves and their communities through entrepreneurial leadership development, we assist in cultivating the necessary skills to put them at the heart of the unstoppable bottom-up growth. They will nurture growth, and that is the solution.