About us

I. Our History

Bienfait_Founder, CEO
Bienfait_Founder, CEO

With the rigorous application of preventive measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in late 2019, the socio-economic situation on the island of Idjwi further deteriorated with poverty and famine ravaging lives. Idjwi Island is landlocked, and people's survival depends on subsistence farming promptly threatened by the total lockdown. Idjwi is where Bienfait Mugenza's family lives, and so is a special place for him. To alleviate the complexity of the crisis, Bienfait, a Political Science student at the University of Rochester, New York, United States, (now with a BA in Political Science and a concentration in Political Economy and Development), developed an action plan with a group of Congolese diaspora students and some friends of Congo. By March 2020, after mobilizing a reliable team of volunteers and local leaders in the field to manage the relief project designated to help the landlocked population, he realized that the need had extended beyond the landlocked population of Idjwi to almost all rural communities in the country. He consequently created Congo Dynamique Initiatives in June 2020 to assist those already afflicted and prevent further similar disasters in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

II. What motivates us

While Congo Dynamique Initiatives understands that top-down solutions can sometimes work, we are more inspired and guided by bottom-up approaches with an emphasis on involving the local community in the development initiatives we create so that they can choose their own goals and the means to achieve them. By promoting a bottom-up and inclusive development strategy, we ensure community ownership and engagement, as well as resilience.

III. Learn more about Congo Dynamique Initiatives

Congo Dynamique Initiative (CoDI) is a registered Congo-based non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to empowering youth and women in rural areas of the DRC. We develop and support entrepreneurial activities, service leadership, and access to personal development opportunities to eradicate poverty in our communities.

IV. Our mission

Our mission is to empower the new generation of Congolese leaders and potential entrepreneurs with an integrated range of opportunities that include professional training, microcredits, an incubation space for their projects, support services for small and medium-sized businesses.

V. Our vision

CoDI's vision is to generate a constant flow of leaders and entrepreneurs with new businesses capable of creating above-average jobs and wealth to eradicate poverty and socio-economic instabilities affecting the rural and urban areas of the DRC.

VI. Our values

  1. Community: We belong to a community that belongs to all of us, the Congo. We, therefore, share common values, a mission, and a spirit
  2. Excellence: We challenge ourselves to strive for excellence and learn continuously.
  3. Creativity: We constantly seek new and creative solutions and encourage the ideas of others so that we can adapt and succeed in an ever-changing and uncertain global environment.
  4. Mutual Respect: Treat everyone with equality and dignity, and assume they have integrity. Inclusion: Valuing the different perspectives of our members as well as our own and showing them that their contributions and expertise matter.
  5. Servant Leadership: We believe that effective leadership encompasses the role of a servant who sees beyond himself and cares for the community as a whole.
  6. Independence: We seek empowerment and independence. Congo Dynamique Initiatives is independent and must always retain its autonomy to be able at all times to act following its principles.

Area of Intervention

We provide and advocate for access to essential services in a variety of sectors, including clean energy, water and sanitation, education, healthcare, and sustainable agriculture for the socio-empowerment. of youth and women.

1. Microfinance

We break the vicious circle of poverty to build independent and self-sufficient communities by creating economic justice and financial inclusion for all.

2. Equitable education

We provide and advocate for quality, inclusive and equitable education. We also promote lifelong learning opportunities for all girls, boys, and people with special needs.

3. Agriculture

We empower farmers and local communities to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition by promoting sustainable and profitable agriculture.

4. Environment

We advocate for urgent action to combat climate change and its harmful effects. We protect, restore and promote the balanced use of terrestrial ecosystems by combating desertification and managing forests to reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

4. Equal rights

We defend gender equality. We empower women and girls to empower themselves socially and economically to create an inclusive, peaceful and developed society. We fight against impunity and corruption while promoting peace and security in our communities. We are fighting for good governance.

6. Clean water and hygiene

Access to water and sanitation is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2015. Law n ° 15/026 of December 31, 2015, relating to water declares that "the service public water is accessible to all "and states that" it is not free ". However, only 34% of the rural population has access to an improved water source (MICS-Palu RDC 2017-2018). We advocate for the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation in rural and urban areas in DRC. Access to water and hygiene is a crucial human right.